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"Advanced Fluorescent Lights"
Manufacturer and worldwide distributor of compact fluorescent lamps

"Adventure Lighting"

Offering bulbs for medical and scientific industries, stage and studio, photographic, and other specialty applications


Offering fluorescent tubes, metal halides, and more

"All Brite Supply Company, Inc."

Wholesaler of electric bulbs

"American Lighting"

For industrial and commercial lighting specialists and interiors.

"Angelo Brothers Company"

Marketers of decorative electrical and lighting products, including light bulbs and fixtures, to the residential and commercial markets

"Antique light bulb and radio tube collecting"

Information about antique light bulb and radio tube collecting.

"Antique Lighting Home Page"

Regularly updated listing with pictures of fixtures and lamps which can be purchased online

"Atlanta Light Bulbs"

Distributor of lighting supplies,bulbs,tubes,fluorescents,compacts,specialty lighting,ballasts many more, online purchasing.

"B&B Lighting Supply"

Distributor for lighting products including ballasts,batteries, bulbs, and fixtures.

"Beachside Lighting"

Manufacturers of corrosion-resistant low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures and tiki torches

"Bear Lighting"

Wholesale lighting distributor for bulbs, halogens, quarts, reflectors, and commercial lighting.

"Benshine Inc."

Manufactures flahlight, industrial, automotive, low voltage, and miniature and decorative lighting components, including lamps, bulbs, and tubes.

"Blues Buster"

Introducing a revolution in light bulb design

"Budget Lighting, Inc."

Selling a variety of lamps and LEDs, fixtures, and fans

"Bulb Direct"

Offering replacement lamps for a wide variety of equipment.

"Bulb Store, Inc."

Specialty light bulb distributor for home and business


Illumination provides Bulbs,Projectors & Audio Visual Equipment for Sale or Rental. Projector Bulbs, Metal Halide Lamps, High Pressure Sodium Bulbs, Automotive Truck Bulbs,Staging Lamps and more.

"Bulbs Only"

Carries a selection of light bulbs for residential and commercial uses.

"Bulbtronics Medical & Scientific Bulbs"

Bulbtronics is a distributor specializing in specialty light bulbs, batteries, sockets, ballasts for Medical, Surgical, Dental, Ophthalmic, Xray, Scientific, Laboratory, Audio Visual, Graphic Arts, Stage, Studio, TV, Entertainment, Automotive, Aviat

"City Lighting"

Distributor of commercial and industrial lighting products including ballasts, housings, bulbs, controls, and more

"City Lighting Products"

Distributor of commercial and industrial lighting products including ballasts, housings,bulbs, controls, and more.


Offering HID and landscape lighting, lightbulbs and fluorescent lamps

"Dallas Stage Lighting"

Serving the needs of the entertainment industry with lighting, sound, staging and more

"Damar Worldwide, Inc."

Supplier of light bulbs, incandescents, fluorescents, lamps, lighting accessories, and more

"Daystar Distributing Inc."

Projection Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes, Incandescent, H.I.D., Light Bulbs, Miniature, Stage and Studio also Specialty Lamps. Wholesale and Retail.

"Dehua Electric Co., Ltd."

Specializing in the production of CFL, energy saving lamps, halogen lamps, tubes and other relative lighting sources.

"Design With Lighting"

Offering lighting techniques, fixture selection and purchase assistance for commercial, residential, and landscape applications

"Designers Lighting, Inc."

Offering rainbow colored bulbs

"DuroTest Corporation"

Manufacturing light sources for the specialized needs of industrial, commercial, institutional, and governmental consumers.


Offering a wide selection of lightbulbs, including incandescent, fluorescent and decorative

"EGL Company, Inc."

Manufacturing neon sign and cold cathode lighting components, including electrodes, fluorescent coated tubing, colored tubing, gases, and neon processing equipment

"Elcanco, Ltd."

Specializing in electric wax candle sticks, flame-like bulbs, and beeswax candlecovers.


Sells all kinds of lighting products including lights for the garden, vandal proof lights, floodlights, and outdoor sensors.

"Emergency Lighting"

Emergency Lighting - Hotels & Restaurants

"Enerficient Lighting Equipment Co."

Offering H.I.D. Lighting fixtures, lamps, and ballasts for electrical contractors, and industrial, commercial, and institutional buyers

"Everbright Lighting and Electrical Co.,Ltd"

miniature lamps, halogen lamps, auto bulbs, metal halide lamps, sodium lamps, mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps, spotlight, LED flashlight, torches, flashing warning lamps, solar traffic lights.

"Express Lighting"

Sells halogen bulbs, electronic transformers, and undercabinet minilights.

"Fengyl Lighting Electronical Appliance Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer of aluminium end caps for fluorescent bulbs


Specialized in fiber optic lighting

"Fred Griffin Construction"

Designs, Builds Quality Single family homes, duplexes, Four-plexes and light commercial buildings

"FujiLite Corporation Ltd."

Manufacturer of energy saving light-bulbs.

"Full Spectrum Solutions"

Manufacturer of full spectrum lights and lamps

"Fuzhou Yongdeji Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd."

Manufactures energy saving lamps.

"GE Lighting"

Manufacturer of bulbs and tubes for home and business


GE lightbulbs, featuring fluorescent tubes, incandescent lamps, halogen bulbs, HID, and compact fluorescent lamps.

"Grand Royal Enterprises Co., Ltd."

Manufacturing light bulbs

"Greenlite Corporation"

Representing Phoenix Lamps Ltd, a producer of automotive and general halogen lighting.

"Haiguang Lighting Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd"

Selling a series of self-color bulbs, tungsten halogen lamps, and energy-saving lamps.

"Horton Controls"

Provides lighting solutions for office buildings, retail stores, schools, and more.

"Ideal Lighting Supply"

Selling light bulbs, fixtures and ballasts

"Incon Lighting"

Manufactures energy saving indoor and outdoor compact fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide lighting fixtures.

"Ingram Lighting Fixtures Electrical Supply"

Light fixtures for residential commercial lighting applications. Ceiling fans, low voltage lighting, decorative bulbs, halogen bulbs.

"Judisch & Judisch Enterprises"

Residential properties and energy efficient lighting.

"Just Neon"

Specializing in custom neon signs, neon clocks and neon art

"Jyh Amin Enterprise Co."

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of X'mas bulbs, lights, light string, candles, bulbs, light sets and garden lamps, welcome to contact us.

"Kind Top Limited"

Manufacturing desk lamps, halogen bulbs, electronic ballast, transformers, and fluorescent tubes

"Lamp Technology, Inc."

Supplier of specialty lightbulbs, flashlights and LEDs available for industrial, energy saving, automotive, photographic, medical, and electronic applications

"Lamps and Bulbs to meet all your lighting needs! From industrial to medical, home to office, shop our"

Lamps and Bulbs to meet all your lighting needs! From industrial to medical, home to office, shop our online catalog for...

"Laser Innovations - your complete Coherent laser service"

Laser Innovations supplies a large stock of ion laser plasma tubes for Coherent and other major manufacturers. Laser Innovations has custom tailored work stations that accommodate all the major types of ion laser tubes in the laser industry. For all

"Light Bulb Center"

Common or uncommon light bulbs including novelty, scientific, and hydroponic. Rare bulbs searched

"Light Bulbs Etc."

All sizes and shapes of bulbs, lamps, specialty lighting and more

"Light Line Illumintaions"

Low and line voltage systems, fixtures and bulbs available.

"Lighting Directories at the BuildFind Building Industry"

Classifieds Electrical Home Lighting Directories Add a Listing.

"Lite Source Inc."

experts in light bulbs for medical instruments. Thousands of bulbs in-stock specifically for the medical/scientific field and access to other hard to find and de-listed bulbs.


Makers of True-Lite fluorescent lights and GlareGuare glare filters for computer users.

"Loeb Electric"

Offering light bulbs, replacement lamps, energy-saving tips and recommendations for homeowners and business/commercial clients

"Lumin8 Limited"

Manufacturing compact fluorescent lamps

"Luxlite-Primex Industries Limited"

Manufacturer of energy saving light-bulbs

"MasTec Energy Services"

Construction Street Lighting Storm Restoration Gas, Water & construction and maintenance, and restoration of asphalt and concrete.

"Michael Joseph & Associates, Inc."

Distributes a range of lighting products including heavy duty and long life lamps, incandescents, and fluorescent bulbs.

"Mid Valley Lighting"

Shop for all forms of lighting including high tech, indoor, outdoor, fluorescent, safety, stage, disco, landscape, decorative and energy saving. Mid Valley Lighting is located in the San Fernando Valley, California.

"Morningstar Industries, Inc."

Selling long life lamps which burn brighter last longer, and cost less.


Naturallighting com specializes in natural full spectrum lighting by Vita-Lite Excellent for offices, schools, factories, banks, medical and dental facilities, etc Super compact fluorescent bulbs, reduce energy costs

"Neon Tube Talk"

Standard signs

"On's Industrial Co Ltd"

Leading decoration lights manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes candle light, night light, fiber optic decoration, christmas lighting, christmas decoration, professional bulbs.

"Ortek Lighting Technology Ltd."

Manufactures a series of electronic ballasts, dimmable and electronic transformer dimmable, for fluorescent and halogen bulbs

"Osram Sylvania"

Manufacturing lighting products for consumers and for corporations in the automotive, computer, and aerospace markets

"Ott-Lite Full Spectrum Light"

There can be life without natural sunshine. Turn on to lighting products that are the next-best thing to sunlight, benefiting your plants, your pets and you.

"Philips Lighting"

Manufacturer of bulbs and tubes

"Projection lamps, dental lamps, medical lamps,ophthalmic lamps - United Lighting"

Projection lamps, dental lamps, medical lamps, led projectors, bulbs, scientific lamps, projection lamps, stage lamps, studio lamps, halogen lamps, hid lamps, theatre lamps, etc. Low cost, secure online orders.

"Qianhui Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps etc. in China

"Radium Lampenwerk GmbH"

Manufacturing lamps for commercial, residential and industrial applications

"RIGHT LIGHT Corporation"

Providing light bulbs and ballasts to meet industrial and commercial needs

"Satco Products, Inc."

Manufactures light bulbs, lighting fixtures, hardware, glassware, and electrical related products


Manufacturing Secur-Cote plastic coated fluorescent and incandescent lamps for use in areas where protected lighting is required

"Shanghai Baolite Lighting Factory"

Manufacturer of china exit sign,china led bulb,emergency lighting,led retrofit,halogen lamp,compact fluorescent tube,mercury lamp,sodium lamp,metal halide lamp,spotlight.

"Shat-R-Shield, Inc."

Makers of coated fluorescent and incandescent lamps and bulbs.. Also makes plastic-coated glass containers

"ShenZhen Sonlite Lighting Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer of halogen par lamps.

"sofabex catalogue of handicraft lightings from morocco"

Founded in 1947, SOFABEX is now one of the leading producers of handmade decorative lighting appliances of unique design, high standard of workmanship and quality, using brass, copper, bronze, etc \nspecialist in metal craftwork, make a variety of high quality products; Such as : Chandelier, Lantern, Wall-lamp, Base-Lamp, Table and others.

"Solid Electric Corporation"

Offering the 100-Year Nite-Lite.

"Sonlite Lighting Company"

Manufacturer of halogen par lamps

"Spectra-Tech, Inc."

Selling full spectrum, natural lighting for residential and commercial use.

"Spectrum Lighting Inc."

If you're going to purchase lighting, you might as well buy light done right, as Spectrum claims it does. Meet this wholesale distributor of commercial products and get a look at what it sells.

"Spectrum Lighting Inc."

Spectrum Lighting, wholesale lighting supplies and energy saving solutions and for all occasions suppliers of lights

"Star Electrical"

Distributors of lighting fixtures, ballasts, and bulbs

"Sun Lighting Supply, Co."

Suppliers of halogen lamps, sodium, metal halide and various light bulbs for all applications


Offering Sun-A-Lux full-spectrum bulbs, tubes, and light boxes

"Sunray Lighting"

SUNRAY LIGHTING INC. is a supplier of domestic and foreign miniature lamps, sealed beams, and hard-to-find lamps for all occasions.

"Sunshine Lighting"

Distributor of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

"Superior Lamp"

Marketing industrial and residential bulbs and ballasts

"Transco Neon"

Manufacturer of products for the construction and installation of neon signs, including tubing, transformers, electrodes, pumps, and other hardware

"Tungda Industrial Limited"

Provide Energy Saving Lamps, Bulbs, T5 Tubes, T5 Lighting Fixture, Ballast, Glass Fiber/Fibre, Timber, Tiles,Knitting Goods, Cable, Wire, Glass, and We can do the own brand name for you OEM. Tungda Group.

"United Lamp Supply, Inc."

United carries a large inventory of bulbs, tubes, fixtures and ballasts for both home and business applications, providing product information, testimonials and directions to the Tacoma, Wash., office.

"Unity Temple Restoration Foundation"

Since that time. The Unity Temple Restoration Foundation was formed to substantially to the ongoing restoration of the building.

"Ushio America, Inc."

Manufacturing light sources for a wide variety of markets. Specializing in industrial

"Van O Lite, Inc."

Wholesale distribution of lighting products. Retrofits done locally.

"Westron Lighting Corporation"

Specializing in energy saving bulbs and tubes.

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