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"3D Fireworks an Pyrotechnics glasses for all laser shows"
Laser viewers are 3D Fireworks glasses. Our art department can even create a special 3D design just for you. Go wild or mild as your budget allows with our 3d

"Achromatic Retarder Shows Its Colors in Laser Display"

Achromatic Retarder Shows Its Colors in Laser Display Although simplicity of technology used in laser light shows.

"Advanced Entertainment Technologies, Inc."

providing high technology entertainment media incorporating lasers, robotics, and fireworks

"Aegis Laser Pointers"

Laser Pointers - Contractor, Executive, Infrared, Mini, Point & Write, Slimline and Speaker Laser Pointer Series

"AET, Inc. Laser Shows"

Designs and executes Class 4 laser light shows.Our productions interactive laser personalities have co-hosted shows with special.

"Air Taser Laser Sight"

Works just like a normal laser sight for a handgun. Illuminate your target with a bright red dot. In the dark your attacker won't know if you are pointing a handgun, riffle or the Air Taser at them. No sight adjustments are needed, just snap it on a

"Ajans ADS : Laser Shows"

We're proud to be the producer of the unforgettable shows of Turkey by using the leading laser show technologies in creating 2D and 3D laser designs....

"Alpec Team Inc."

Laser Products New Products Laser Pointers Laser Sights Laser Modules Industrial Aimers Other Products BioShield Tekna Knives Legion Armor Additional Products Alpec's Laser Sights will fit any type of pistol, rifle or shotgun. We even have bow...

"Argon Attraction, Inc."

Show production services utilizing lasers, video and slide projectors, waterscreens, pyrotechnics and other special effects. Also, installation of permanent systems, and theme park design services. Philippines.

"Associated Laser Productions International"

Offers laser show production and variance consulting

"Beamin' Lasers"

Offers laser productions for commercial and entertainment purposes

"Beer Signs: Neon-Chasers"

Neon-Chasers sells neon beer signs and clocks, including Budweiser, Corona and Miller signs. All prices include packaging, shipping and insurance.



"California New Craft Products, Inc."

Laser cut exhibit graphics in fabric, carpet, laminate and more


Offering Laser Pointers,Laser Pens,Laser Levels,Laser Show and Laser Watch. Over 30 different kinds of Laser devices for presentation,as tools in construction and to play with your cat.

"Callan's Laser Games"

Site about the games running from a laser disk such as Space Ace, Dragon's Lair, MACH 3...

"Calpac Laser Inc."

Manufacturer of low-cost sound-activated Laser Show Pattern Generators and other laser products.

"Cave of the Winds"

Offering tours and a laser show.

"Centrak Lasers"

Laser light shows, stage lighting equipment and services.

"Cernan Center"

Laser Light Shows All laser light shows are now shows are now presented on our all-new, state-of-the-art laser.

"Cinemas Imax Laser Shows Cape Town South Africa"

Entertainment at For the most comprehesnsive database on South African Entertainment go direct to the traveler Entertainment Section or start at the travel control centre

"Cool Stuff Cheap"

Offers lava lamps, luminglass, plasma balls, water panels, wind chimes, strobe lights,fog and bubble machines, lasers, and home disco effects.

"Cristal Laser"

Services Controls Trade shows Contact us CRISTAL LASER S.A. 12 Trade shows United States Of America Booth # 1337 Conference on Lasers

"Cristal Laser : Trade shows"

KTiOPO4 (KTP) has large angular, temperature and spectral acceptance range and high nonlinear coefficients. for this reasons, KTP is usually the preferred material for frequency doubling

"Dady 'O: Cancun Disco"

Huge discoteque features a laser show, full bar, snacks and plenty of dancing. Bikini contest winners are on display, as well as a schedule of upcoming events.

"Dates That Rate - Laser Shows"

Ideas Features Community Laser Shows In 1917, Albert Einstein Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin laser shows. Laser shows.

"Dotcom Distribution"

Traditional and e-Commerce distribution specialists. Edison, NJ

"Dymax Laser Technologies"

Sound Dymax Inc. has been a world leader in the design and installation of high quality audio, video, lighting, laser, pyrotechnics and special...

"ELE - Elektro Laser Eperon Wallisellen"

Elektro Laser Eperon hat sich im Bereich der Laser-Shows einen Namen gemacht. Dies, weil wir uns auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden eingestellt haben. Sie können sich ihre Laser Show bei uns zusammenstellen lassen. Von A bis Z Von.

"Emerald City"

Offers dance music, video walls, and animated laser light shows.

"EntertainersNet Mobile Discotheque, Active Lighting & Laser Show"

Mobile Disco Services, Active Lighting, Laser Show-- Events to remember have the Entertainment they won't forget! Guaranteed a memorable event with...

"Eurotechnology: Blue Laser"

Slide show and other information about gallium nitride blue light emitters and lasers.

"Fireworks Glasses 3D Fireworks Glasses for viewing Fireworks and laser"

3D Glasses Direct manufacturers all kinds of 3D glasses including 3D fireworks Glasses,3-d glasses,3d pulfrich,3-d anaglyph ,3D polarized glasses and solar eclipse.

"FirstLight Laser Productions Client List"

Productions does not perform laser shows. If you are looking to following companies.

"Fiske Planetarium"

Dates for star shows, live star talks, and laser shows.

"Flying Pictures"

Designs laser displays, lighting, fireworks and projection specatulars

"Frankfurt Laser Company"

Visible and IR Laser Diodes Laser Diode Modules, Green DPSS Laser Laser Diode Collimators Optical Fiber Special Applicatons

"Freitag Technologies GmbH"

Laser show production, showlaser rental, custom design services. Sales of optics, electronics, accessories, etc. Germany.

"Full Spectrum Lighting & Laser"

Producers of large and small entertainment lighting and laser light shows

"GOLDEN SHOW Pro Light, Sound & Laser [Hany Wahba]"

The most comprehensive Lighting & Sound rental company for Weddings, Concerts, TV, Films, Fashion Shows, Theaters, and Special Events in Egypt and the Middle East

"Gotcha Tag"

Laser tag played within a 4000 square foot maze in Branson, Missouri.

"Green-Rose Laser Company"

Laser, lighting and 3D video equipment distributors in the Tri-state area.

"Hansen Planetarium"

Find a Utah stargazing club or star party, check out space news and images or explore the kid's corner. There's information for teachers and other planetarium visitors, too.

"Herzig Eye Institute"

Specializes in laser vision corrections of refractive problems.

"Holaxis Corporation"

Specializing in trade show holograms.


Experts in laser resale, system design, repair and refurbishment.


A nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the use of laser displays in art, entertainment and education.

"Intelite, Inc."

Designs, manufactures, and supplies diode laser products, electro-optical systems, and precision optics

"International Laser Display Association"

Dedicated to the advancement and promotion of professional laser display applications

"International Laser Productions"

Laser shows, rental, and manufacturing.

"Introduction to Laser Precise"

Laser Precise,® Inc. Precision laser processing, When time is of the essence ® Laser Cutting Machining Drilling Welding Heat Treating Soldering Marking Etching We can work with an almost limitless array of materials as the following table shows.

"JINSA Online"

Laser Defense System Shows Progress Defense contractor TRW and develop and produce the Nautilus laser system designed to shoot down.

"John Stead - laser shows"

These son et lumieres are a series of commissions that employ lasers, pyrotechnics and especially composed music to celebrate the civic and...

"Jonathan Wolfe's CV"

Conducted laser shows, and served as program Behavior and Neurophysiology. Performing laser artist and technician.

"Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center Theaters"

Reach up and touch the stars. Laser Light Shows Indulge your Click here for schedule. LASER LIGHT SHOWS Laser Fun.

"Karaoke shows van J&H Professioneel Licht en Geluid"

Karaoke leeft in Nederland. J&H light EN Geluid verzorgd aluminium jears met succes of width unit gekke karaokeavonden - aluminium dan rivet - into combinatie met een discoshow.

"Kozmic Lazer Show"

Tennessee-based laser light show company.


Contactarse con nosotros Shows con Laser Color Eventos - Lanzamientos Creación Artística Ad-Hoc Garantía de Servicio

"Laser Alarms Ltd"

A specialist security company selling closed circuit TV, door entry systems, burglar alarms, security cameras, detection systems and fire alarms.

"Laser Animation Awards"

LaserAnimation at ILDA Every year the International Laser Display Association - ILDA organizes a conference for laserists from around the world. The ILDA '99 meeting was held in November in Orlando, Florida, USA . Of course LaserAnimation was...

"Laser Art: Lasers With Pride"

Laser Art, Lasers, White light, Argon, Laser light shows, Nightclubs, Outdoor Events, International, National, U K, England, Laser Art Laser Show Specialists, Gay, Straight, Regassing


LASER COMPONENTS GmbH Programmed for quality LASER COMPONENTS GmbH has been ISO 9001 certified since the beginning of 1995. The company has implemented a comprehensive quality management system according to the strict guidelines of the DIN EN ISO...

"Laser diagnostics in combustion"

Efficient pre- and postprocessing capabilities are developed for the simulation tools.The example shows a simulation of fire development on an FPSO. Photo: R. Øhlander Laser diagnostics.

"Laser Dreams"

Laser Dreams: light show productions in No. California; laser system repair and sales; custom designs & development; sales of red & green laser diode modules.

"Laser Electronics Ltd."

Sales, repair and reprocessing of lasers, laser systems, laser controllers. Laser images/graphic creation for hire. Located in the UK.

"Laser ExPress Holography"

Custom holography, plus stock images.

"Laser F/X"

Laser light shows, displays and entertainment. Also publishes www newsletter

"Laser Fantasy International"

Producer of laser light special effects, outdoor laser displays, architectural lighting, and planetarium laser shows

"Laser Film"

Film production for TV and radio commercials, documentaries, and shows.

"Laser Image Productions"

Custom laser light shows.

"Laser Innovations - your complete Coherent laser service"

Laser Innovations supplies a large stock of ion laser plasma tubes for Coherent and other major manufacturers. Laser Innovations has custom tailored work stations that accommodate all the major types of ion laser tubes in the laser industry. For all

"Laser light show-strobes,neons,lasers,etc"

Laser light show with stobes,neons,lasers,Serving eastern pa,pottsville,allentown,harrisburg,reading,berks county,lehigh valley,at wedding halls,night clubs,techno,hip hop,rap teen dances with quality light shows.

"Laser Listeners, Fiber Optics,"

Laser Listeners, Fiber Optics INFORMATION Unlimited PO Box 716, Amherst, Transmitters Wireless FM Transmitters "Laser Window Bounce" Listener.

"Laser Magic"

Laser show specialists

"Laser Magic Productions"

Special effects for themed environments: lasers, 3D holographic projections, plasma sculptures and more.

"Laser Optics"

Laser Light Shows Click on the Catalog number to view item Item the air. Great for laser photography or light shows.

"Laser Optronix"

Many models of sights and ni´ght vision aiming systems for weapons and alignment.

"Laser Physics, Inc."

Rugged, air-cooled lasers designed specifically for the entertainment and display industries.

"Laser Pointers SALE!"

Laser pointers, laser sights, laser light shows and laser tools at great sale prices! Great selection, quality and low prices....

"Laser Quantum, Inc."

Producing laser shows, effects, and events (in French and English)

"Laser Show Technology"

Explores the hardware used to make laser shows. Little-known details of early pioneering shows are revealed, including the use of resonant scanners, vibrating mercury pools, and other unusual special effects.

"Laser Space Odyssey"

Calendar Events Venues Movies Bands Restaurants Contests Personals Laser Space Odyssey Other Description The Laser Shows feature dazzling multicolored laser images move to the inspiring sounds of music in the Planetarium. Shows are one hour long...

"Laser Spectacles, Inc."

Mission Statement LASER SPECTACLES, INC. Company History What we do Laser Spectacles is an entertainment production company specializing in producing light shows with various types of lasers. Sound and light are merged to produce stunning effects..

"Laser systems"

Supplier of electro optical systems and componenets like laser radar,lida, 3 d profilometers,laser scanners, airborne geomatics systems...

"Laser Wizardry"

Laser Wizardry is a full service laser light show production company with capabilities ranging from birthday party to stadium sized shows.


Provides laser light shows and entertainment lighting.


Laser shows for special effects, billboards, corporate functions and water screens


Featuring lasertag, laser concerts and shows, arcades, pinball, and more


Shows feature dazzling krypton and argon laser visuals set to music.

"Laserland GmbH"

International laser and multimedia show production. Manufacturer of high end laser show and multimedia systems. Germany.

"Laserlight Shows & Devices Home"

Laserlight Shows & Devices "Excellence in Laser bring many exciting services to the laser entertainment industry".

"Laseronics Design Interstellar"

Laser entertainment producer.


Lasersale.com [ Home]Your Shopping Cart Is Empty. Laser Pen Pointers Pen Style Laser Pointers. Laser Keychain Pointer Keychain Laser Pointers. Laser...


Sells laser pointers, tools, light shows, and more.


Laser Diodes Green & Red, Power Supply, Breadboard, Holography, laser light shows, Micro-Diode Pumped Solid Lasers, Hi Power Semi Conductor Laser...


Specialized in light effect for various events

"Lasersmith Light Show Systems"

Lasersmith Light Show Systems produces laser light shows and laser show equipment for use in conventions, trade shows, casinos and special events.


Guaranteed to show you how to perfect your own natural swing, improve your accuracy and increase your distance.

"Lasertainment Productions International"

Specializing in hi-tech laser shows for large-scale special events


The following list is for public events only or corporate events that may also be viewed by the general public. Our...

"Laservision Macro-Media Pty Ltd"

Creation and installation of multi-display-media attractions worldwide, comprised of animated laser shows that creatively combine lighting, pyrotechnics, aquajet waterscreens and multi-track digital audio.


The leading supplier of laser based structured light projectors. We also deliver top quality holographic phase masks. Now available: the revolutionary apodized phase masks.

"Lava® Lamps, Lights & More..."

Our collection of Lava® Lamps, retro, motion & party lighting will illuminate your space and amaze your friends. Click here for more disco and party lighting. Super Deals on Lava Lamps Creative Motion Peace.

"Lazer Vaudeville"

Juggling, magic, acrobatics, rope-spinning and comedy, with black-light, lasers, and special effects create an international touring theater show.


Providing laser shows and effects for all occasions.

"Lesson Plans"

Astronomy, electrostatics, lasers, radioactivity

"Levin, Noah"

Shows the progress of laser treatment on a baby's Port Wine Stain and explains a family's experience.

"Lightform Home Page"

Laser Light Shows There are no words to fully express the Jackson, has been producing laser shows and museum exhibits since

"Long Island Laser Works"

Laser light shows, sales and installations.

"Louisiana Nature Center Planetarium"

Offers public shows, school programs, and laser shows.

"Lowell Products Development, Inc (LPD Laser)"

Laser light hardware, products, systems and shows for the entertainment,advertising and architectural lighting industries.

"M. Csele's Dye Laser Projects"

Autocollimator or a small HeNe laser. This photo shows a the cell. The top view of the laser shows details of the cavity in.

"Magic Fire Laser Shows"

Specializing in laser shows and pyro for special events. Combining state of the art technology with inspiring artistry, Magic Fire Laser Shows is ready to add fire and excitement to your next event.

"Magic Light Laser Imagery"

Available for raves, concerts, and private parties. Laser projections systems for night clubs

"Maverick Presentation Products"

Distributor of presentation products in Europe, from laser pointers to CRT projectors.

"Meredith Instruments"

Sells surplus lasers, tubes, collimating lenses, and light show equipment. Also repairs lasers.


A number of our products support these two important control protocols. Our table and rail projectors have been digital for several years. They now can accept DMX signals for the activation of actuators, color controls, shutters, and special...


We make low-cost, programmble lasers. We also stage laser shows for nightclubs, concerts, theaters, etc.

"Munjal Stageshows"

Our lighting endineers maintain a state of the art inventory of lighting equipment available worldwide...

"Museum of the Rockies Planetarium"

Special Events Children's Shows Laser Shows Admission Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. Laser Shows The pure, intense light.

"Music for LD laser shows"

For LD shows LD system requirements Music rights notice Laser LD2OOO Basic come with 26 free laser shows.

"Musical laser shows returning to Osmond"

Musical laser shows returning to Osmond By LISA KIENZLE Collegian Staff Writer Students with musical tastes ranging from heavy metal to classic rock to '80s tunes may find a common interest inside Osmond Lab in upcoming...

"MVS Lasertechnik"

Laser display systems and software for the entertainment industry as well as industrial applications. Switzerland.


Lasers and accessories.

"N Eeffect Laser Light Shows"

National provider of high impact laser light shows, and effects. Intelligent Lighting and laser shows systems.

"NEOS Technologies"

manufactures components for Lasers. These products range in use from the chemical industry for spectroscopy, to the entertainment industry for laser light shows.

"New Method Lasers"

Manufacturer and wholesale distributors of laser lightshow software, hardware, equipment and systems for laser light shows.

"New Method Lasers"

Manufacturer and wholesale distributors of laser lightshow software, hardware equipment and systems for laser light shows.

"Newport Corporation"

Products are targeted toward laser users and those working with collimated light.

"NiN Laser Shows"

Nine Inch Nails Laser Shows If you're looking for a unique NiN experience, you might consider a laser show. A company called Laser Fantasy hosts laser shows with various musical themes in special theatres around the country. The themes range from...

"Nine Inch Nails Laser Shows"

If you're looking for a unique NiN experience, you might consider a laser show. A company called Laser Fantasy hosts...

"Obscura Magica"

Multimedia laser show production with integrated slides, fireworks, music and video. Stockholm, Sweden.

"Obstacle Detetion Systems"

Laser radar based system for detection of obstacles in rail road crossings. It can see the difference of cars and walking people and sort out alarms in a smart way.

"ocus Disc Ltd"

Laser, lighting and 3D video equipment distributors in the Tri-state area

"Pangolin Laser Systems Inc."

Software and products for producing laser light shows, and laser displays. Extensive information regarding laser show technology.

"Peachtree Laser"

Welcome to Peachtree Laser, Inc. Peachtree Laser for Corporate, Concert, Trade, and Special Shows Peachtree Laser designs, manufactures and produces complete laser light shows and associated equipment for: trade shows, meetings, corporate...

"Pepperpot Pyrotechnics International"

Spectacular firework displays and pyrotechnic shows arranged and performed by professional pyrotechnicians.


Offers public shows, school programs, and laser shows.

"Polytec Pl"

Manufacturer of piezoelectric devices, micropositioners, and laser vibrometers.

"Pyrotek Special Effects Inc."

Sales of pyrotechnics products as well as production of pyrotechnic, fireworks and laser shows worldwide. Offices in Canada, the US and England.


Laser Performance and Interactive Electronics Design and Implementation. Unique Multimedia Solutions for Wide Range of Applications.

"Red Line Laser Products"

Manufactures lasers and projectors

"RLI LaserNet: Laser Technology Resources"

Home RLI Policies Shopping Cart Viewing Tips About RLI Contact Us Laser Technology Resources Book, Periodical and Trade Journal Publishers Gordon and Breach Science Publishers Industrial Laser Solutions (formerly Industrial Laser Review)Laser Focus.

"RMF Products, Inc"

Manufacturer and distributor of audio visual products, miniature laser systems and specialized electronic components.


ENTERTAINMENT LIGHTING, LASER DISPLAYS & SPECIAL EFFECTS for Nightclubs, Theaters, Stage performances,Exhibit Tradeshows, Museums, Concerts, Amusements centers, Parties Shows, Special events, etc. Since 1965: CUSTOM ENGINEERED DESIGNS, SALES ..

"Sam's Laser FAQ - Preface, Introduction, What is a Laser?, Safety"

Safety, Info, Links, Parts, Types, Drive, Construction. A Practical Guide to Lasers for Experimenters and Hobbyists. Back to...


SCIFEST 2000 FREE DAILY SUNSET AND LASER SHOWS Grahamstown 15 minutes state-of-the-art laser shows everyday in the Main.

"Science Center of Iowa Planetarium Resources"

Find out what planetarium shows and laser shows are Video.

"Science Museum of Minnesota"

With interactive displays and hands-on exhibits, laser shows and demonstrations, education center and programs for children and adults and more.


Innovative laser lighting effects and equipment for world concert tours, corporate theatre, outdoor displays and special events

"Shows & Events"

Opticon manufactures reliable bar code scanning solutions, including terminals, fixed position laser and CCD scanners, handhelds, slots, scan engines and modules, and wand style scanners

"Space Science Center Calander May"

Events. Planetarium Shows - Lectures - Laser Shows - Kids Show Eagles/Darkside = Laser Shows Star ID - Lecture in the laser.


Manufacturer of diode pumped, ultrafast, Nd:YAG, ion, entertainment and CW tunable lasers.

"Star Graphics Laser Sign"

Star Graphics Laser SignTM The new Star Graphics Laser Sign utilizes the latest in laser and computer technology to offer a compact, easy to use laser display system. It is capable of displaying company logo's, text in any style or font, as well as.

"Stationery & Office Supplies - Righton KM Corporation"

OEM/ODM manufacturer and exporter/agent of novelty pen, novelty ball pen, laser pointer , pencils, pens products for wholesalers, importers, volume buyers.

"Stellar Designs, Inc."

Laser shows and professional lighting for parties, presentations, special events and concerts

"Sutton Vane Associates"

Advanced laser show. Also the design and performance of shows for LASERS, LIGHT SHOWS, SPECIAL EFFECTS, THEATRE LIGHTING, LIGHT ART.

"Tax Form Preparation (1099, W2, 1098 )"

Software that prepares 1099, W2, 1098 and 5498 tax returns on magnetic media, laser and generic dot matrix printers. FREE Trials

"TCRE text"

Entertainment in 1899 was far from laser shows and the silver.

"Technological Artisans, Inc."

Laser show system rentals, sales and installation, and component sales. New York City.


A complete listing of laser light shows availablable including effects and pricing.

"The Risks Digest Volume 17: Issue 55"

For one hour this morning PGN Laser Shows and Aircraft Chuck until the NYSE opened as well. Laser Shows and Aircraft Chuck.

"The UCLA Planetarium"

Free Sky Shows offered twice weekly to the general community. LASERAMA Laser Light Shows are presented at the UCLA Planetarium Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

"Towards 2000 Lighting & Laser Shows"

Show Pictures Lighting Staff Towards 2000 has been around since 1978 and has been at the forefront of the Special Events Industry. The company has consistently been the...

"Tron Link Enterprises CO..Ltd."

Baseball used for pitching practice that records pitching speed.

"Twilight Theatrical Lighting Laser Shows"

TTL offers custom theatrical lighting and laser shows to add colorful and exciting visual effects to any event....

"UCLA Planetarium"

Boldly presenting the galactic neighborhood with sky shows and a laser light show.

"Valentines Djs Laser Light Shows"

We have a State of the art Laser Light Show available. If you something special for your party, our Laser Light Show is it. Parties.

"Valley Video Road Show"

Book our giant screen video entertainment and laser karaoke road show. Serving Quebec and Ontario.

"Welcome to Ann-S-Thesia: Vector Graphic Laser Show"

Vector Graphic Laser Show My multi-plex theatre is now offering laser light shows. Although each image is around 100 K, they load as they are playing, so they're actually very quick. Once the ANN-imation has finished loading, the fun begins!

"Welcome to Mirage Laser Productions, Inc."


"Zivny GmbH"

Special lighting, fire and laser shows

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