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"A Lot of Scents Candles"
large selection of candles, including aromatherapy candles and candle accessories.

"A.I. Root Co"

Decorative candles

"Ablaze Candles"

specializing in sculptural candle designs.

"Accatino Lux Votiva"

production of votive lamps and rechargeable candles in liquid wax, lampholders and donation boxes.


purchase on-line unique home accessories fo all your decorating needs, candle \nholders, crystal, decorating boxes, lighting, sculptures, silks, vases, etc...

"Alberta Beeswax and Candle Supply"

Candle making supplies including 100% pure beeswax craft sheets, paraffin wax, acrylic molds, candle scents, wicking, and dyes.

"All Rich Enterprises Ltd."

Decoration lights manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplying Christmas lights, decorative lights candle light, night light, Fiber Optic decoration and Christmas decoration items

"American Candle Classics"

fragrance your home with our candle designs in over 30 scents and colors.

"American Country Candlemakers"

handpoured candles with no polymer additives.

"Ancient Ruins Aromatherapy Candles"

Featuring aromatherapy candles

"Angel Candles by Morenci"

hand-poured and scented.

"Angelic Candles"

makers and distributors of soft wax scented candles.

"Angels Lights"

hand-carved candles in a variety of themes.

"Aroma Cottage"

Retailers of fine candles and accessories including aromatheropy, beeswax, hand dipped, votives, tea lights, candlesticks, candle holders and candle \nlanterns.

"Aromatic Delights"

scented container candles including country styles and matching copper accents.


contemporary oil lamps.

"Artsy Candles"

Constantin Brancusi pieces in copyrighted candle form, museum pieces excavated from Greek and Roman ruins in \nbeautiful candle forms.

"Aztex Wax and Candle Store"

waxes, dyes, fragrances, glazes, and additive products. Also sells carved, molded, and thematic candles.

"B & R Candles"

hand poured scented candles. Wholesale and retail.

"B and R Candles"

Award-winning hand-poured scented candles, wholesale and retail, plus candle supplies.

"Balloons, Candles and Stuff For A Buck"

Handmade candles, stuffed balloons and accessories.

"Barker Company"

wholesale equipment and candlemaking supplies.

"Basic Candle Magick"

A chapter from "The Complete Homestudy Course in Witchcraft" explaining basic candle preparation and spells.

"Beadchaser's Hand-Made Candles"

Handmade heavily scented candles, priced reasonably.

"BeadsWax Designs"

offers handcrafted jewelry and candles.

"Becky's Candles Cottage"

Located in Amish Country. Candles, gifts and fragrances to warm your heart.

"Bentony Candles"

Manufacturer and exporter of candles and candleholders ranging from fragrant and floating to tealight and votive

"Billy Bear's Hanukkah Desktop Themes"

Download some Hanukkah icons, including cute cartoon dreidels and candles, or animated Hanukkah cursors, menorah desktop themes and desktop wallpaper featuring teddy bears with candles.

"Biola candle"

Produces in a variety of color candles in Surabaya

"Blue Sky Products Candle Fragrances"

Supplier of fragrance oils for the candlemaker and craftsperson.

"Boca Raton Candle Co."

triple-scented, hand-poured candles, gift baskets.

"Brite Star"

Brite Star, in the business of Christmas home and tree decorations for more than six decades, offers over 900 products, including illuminated 3-D outdoor sculptures, stockings and electric candles. Order their catalog or shop directly at this site.

"Bullfrog Light Co."

candles with unique top to bottom glow.

"Burning Desires Candles"

hand carved candles.

"Busy Beaver Candle Company"

offers a variety of scented candles.

"C and D Candles"

Offers candles, crafts and gifts.

"Cajun Candle Factory"

Candlemaking supplies including wax, containers, and fragrance oils. Toll-free ordering available.

"Calgary Candle Online"

Information centre of the Calgary Bahá'í community, with contact addresses and phone numbers, and a form for suscribing to the "Calgary Bahá'ís" and "Calgary Candle Newsletter" mailing lists.


hand poured, highly scented candles.

"Candescence Candle Co."

crafts handmade, scented, wholesale, and handpoured candles. Also offers rustic and mottled candles.

"Candle Accents"

features a selection of candles, votives, and holders.

"Candle Barn"

scented & unscented candles. Also offers a variety of handcrafted candle accessories

"Candle Basket"

hand-poured candles, jelly beans, coffee, taffy, bath beads, and other gifts.

"Candle Beach Co."

offering contemporary style candle boxes to store and arrange candles

"Candle By Mail"

Candleholders, scented and unscented candles for all occasions as well as other gifts.

"Candle Closet"

Carved candles with a glaze and that can be refilled.

"Candle Club"

Oil lamps, scented jar candles, votives, fragrance tarts/squares, and more.

"Candle Crafters and Treasures"

Featuring candles and accessories for the home. All products can be shipped world-wide from Myrtle Beach, SC, US.

"Candle Emporium and Gifts"

A variety of unique scented and unscented candles, holders and gifts.

"Candle Equipment and Sales, Inc."

supplier of wax melters and dispensers for the candle industry and candle hobbyists

"Candle Express"

candles and candle accessories such as aromatherapy, beeswax, and dinner candles, oil lamps and more

"Candle Factory"

hand dipped tapers, pillars, and more

"Candle Lady"

Sells handmade candles. Custom blending available

"Candle Light Bed & Breakfast"

\nA family oriented establishment located in a quiet neighborhood. The bed & breakfast is a typical Cape Cod style \nhouse built by the hosts which features three acres of grounds, six rooms and a chef's dream kitchen.

"Candle Light Industrial Company Ltd"

Retailers can find over a hundred styles of candle from this Hong Kong-based wholesaler. The product range includes christmas candles, easter candles, floating candles, dinner candles and much more.

"Candle Love"

dipped and carved specialty candles.

"Candle Magick Recipes"

A how to guide for candle making, including rituals candles and other uses.

"Candle Opera"

offering handcrafted candles

"Candle Radiance Inc."

Manufacturer and wholesaler of hand-made candles.

"Candle Ranch"

selling hand crafted candles

"Candle Shoppe"

Wedding candles, oil lamps, and yankee candles

"Candle Traditions"

Unity, wedding and anniversary candles.

"Candle USA"

fragrance candles and aromatherapy candles

"Candle Wax Company"

Candles and accessories. Purchase online.

"Candle World"

Manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Carries the Chunk Candle, container candles, cake candles, tapers, and pool \ncandles.


candles, accessories and candlemaking information

"Candles Agow"

online shopping for handcarved, sculptured, unity, anniversay, romantic, wedding, and other specialty candles

"Candles and Accessories"

Candle products and hand blown glass accessories distributed through a nationwide network of independent candle consultants.

"Candles and More"

Handmade triple scented candles for sale. Offering cake, container and crock pot candles as well as incense sticks and gift baskets.

"Candles By Carrie"

specialzing in handmade and custom-made jar and container candles.

"Candles By Cows"

Premium and economy lines of handmade candles.

"Candles by Dream Makers"

Hand made candles in many styles, highly fragrant. Specializing in jars, pillars, votives, dipped, double poured candles.

"Candles By Montserrat"

Beautifully handcrafted candles and labels reflect the heart of Montserrats artwork containing TRUE Essential oils, the artist combines exceptional wax colorings to bridge the transformation of Light into Essence.

"Candles by Obviously Good Scents"

Sells double scented, triple wicked candles. Online ordering available. Cullman, Alabama.

"Candles By Victoria"

Our creamy rich candles are individually hand poured in Dallas Texas and are drenched with the maximum amount of \nthe finest fragrance oils.

"Candles Delight"

A large selection of unique candles and holders. Choose from jars with potpourri-filled lids.

"Candles Forever"

sale of unique and richly scented candles

"Candles Galore"

Highly scented jar candles, aromatherapy candles and mineral bath oils.

"Candles Plus"

candles and candle accessories

"Candles Wick"

Select from a variety of candles; votives, pillars, tapers, jars, crumb cakes, specialty candles and candle \naccessories.


offering candles, oil lamps, and Department 56 collectibles.


Turn here for information on an Iowa City candle manufacturer providing employment \nto disadvantaged individuals. Includes details on its inventory of aromatherapy, holiday and votive candles. Online ordering available.

"Cane Candle"

A light accessory that attaches to canes and walkers providing light at the click of a button for safety and security.

"Cape Cod Fruit Candles"

A variety of scented fruit candles.

"Castle Country Candles"

Highly scented, hand poured candles with long burn times and lead free wicks in fifty fragrances.

"Castle Country Candles"

A wide assortment of different types of candles and over 50 different scents. Includes ordering information and \nphotos of the products available.

"Cathedral Candles liturgical and religious candles for churches"

Cathedral Candles liturgical and religious beeswax candles featuring Cathedral Candle Company Candles. Altar, Paschal, Advent, Communion, Baptismal and Wedding candles.Sanctuary, chapel and votive lights.

"Cave Company"

Lighting & ecclesiastical interior design and restoration. Our staff prides itself.


catalog of art candles

"Cerallama Candles"

Cornwall, UK site offers scented and unscented, hand poured candles as well as hand painted and turned wooden \ncandlesticks.

"Ceramic Empire"

Unearth an ample selection of lights-out jars, candle lamps, lotion pumps, banks, serving trays and more at this online retailer of ceramics goodies.

"Cereria Romana sas"

Specialized in the production of scent candles and various oils

"Ceres LLC"

candles, aromatherapy, and accessories. Wholesale information for businesses

"Certain Candles May Cause Health Risk"

UF/IFAS Educational Media & Services News Release. High soot production from certain candles can cause \nrespiratory health problems.

"Chandler's Candle Company, Inc."

Wedding and other occasion candles decorated with pressed flowers.

"Charming Candle Creations"

offers a wide variety of hand-crafted candles, incense, and aromatherapy products; also, a monthly craft project, a chat room and a kids section

"Clark's Candlery"

Candlemakers, offering a complete range of unique candles for all occasions, located in Sanquhar,Scotland.

"Colonial Candles and Accessories"

Candle products and hand blown glass accessories distributed through a nationwide network of independent \ncandle consultants.

"Colors Energy Crystals Candles"

Enter in the world of Color Full Moon...

"Common Scents"

retail outlet for Salt City Candles

"Connie's Candles & Supplies"

offering a line of candles and candlemaking supplies including wax, scents, wicks, pottery, and glassware

"Cool Candles"

Bottled liquid wax candle cartridges.

"Cop Candles!"

Cop candles are dedicated to those officers serving towns, communities, and states across the nation. Great collectibles, academy graduation gifts, retiree gifts, etc.

"Cottage Candles"

Manufacturers of scented, handpoured candles that are "Refillable". Heart, Ball Jar,Votive, Tea Lights, Tarts. Retail Wholesale.

"Country Candle Co."

New England candles and candle accessories. Available in fifty fragrances.

"Creole Carved Candles"

handcrafted candles for all occasions

"Cristina's Handmade Candles and Soaps"

Specializing in handmade scented candles, old fashioned soaps and natural bath and body products.

"Crowley Candle Factory"

Wholesale candles and candle making supplies including scents, wax,wicks, containers, molds, fragrances, and \ncandleholders.

"Custom Candle Sales Manufacturing"

Battery operated candles for hotels restaurants, custom ready made lighting fixtures.

"Custom Lighting"

Specializing in sconces, pendants, exterior and landscape lighting, chandaliers, and hardware.

"Dara's Designs"

one-woman candle design and wax sculpture company.

"Denney Electric Supply, Inc."

Distributor of residential, commercial and industrial electrical supplies, specializing in lighting. Serving DE, MD, and VA.

"Distincitve Decor"

Specializing in fragrance candles and essential oils

"Divali Candlelights Co."

scented candles, candleholders, and more.

"Drew Candle Co."

Distinctive, fragrant candles in collectible tins, classic jars, votives and pillars. Private labeling available.

"Elcanco, Ltd."

Specializing in electric wax candle sticks, flame-like bulbs, and beeswax candlecovers.

"Elizabeth''s Candles"

hand poured 2 oz. votive candles. Over 86 fragrances and colors to choose from.

"Enlighten Candles"

products boast 120 burning hours per candle.

"Essence Candles"

A handcrafted candle that is fragrant, attractive and unique.

"Fairy Wings Candle Magick"

Tips for basic candle magick rituals. Site includes information on color and zodiac significance to candle magick.

"Firelight Glass oil candles"

Retreat to a more softly lit era at this site retailing hand-blown glass oil candles and lamps.Firelight Glass advises you on which lamp would be ideal for an indoor or outdoor setting and hands out a free pint of lamp oil with each purchase.

"Fireworks Candle Company"

Maker of hand-poured, made to order candles.

"Forbidden Fruit Products"

Incense, bidis, blacklight & lava lamps, candles, electronic scales, bead door curtains, posters, stickers, water pipes, hemp products, adult toys and more.

"Friedrichs, Inc."

manufacturer of the economy universal candle burner, candletube, and oil candles.

"From The Colonies Candle Company"

pottery and jar candles, and fragrance envelopes available.

"Galaxy Lighting"

Supplier of residential lighting fixtures.

"Gard Goodies"

distributes hand crafted scented Midwest Prairie Candles.

"Gel Candle Embeds"

Gel candle kits, glass fish and other embedding objects used to decorate gel candles.

"Gel Candle Shop"

Gel candles, accessories, glass embeds, gel candle kits, supplies, premix wax, colors, oil based fragrances and leadfree wicks.

"General Wax and Candle"

manufacturer of candles for use in restaurants, churches, and other institutions.

"Goldenspirits Candle Works"

handcrafted beeswax candles.

"Granny Maes Candles"

Highly scented, hand poured jar candles.

"Green Velvet Chickens"

Buy lava lamps, incense, candles and the like at this online shop.

"Guinevere''s Candles"

pressed flower candles scented with lavender oil.

"Happy Owl Candles"

offering frosted, handmade, and heavily scented candles.

"Heaven Scent10 Candles"

Hand poured scented candles including votive, pillar, taper, novelty and container.

"Helpful Notions"

handmade candles that look like frosted cakes. Available in three sizes.

"Hill Country Candles"

scented handmade crock candles and pottery from the Ohio foothills.

"Hodge Podge"

Gifts for him or her, safari and jungle theme items, lamps lighting, Trapp candles, Radko ornaments, Boyds Bears more.

"Home Lighting Center"

Source for residential and commercial lights, chandeliers, flush mount, semi-flush, torchiere, floor and desk lamps.

"Home Poured Candles"

Every candle is hand poured and all are scented and colored through the candle. Carrying jar and container candles \nas well as votives in a variety of colors and scents

"Home Spun Candle Company"

Scented candles, aromatherapy, and candle making instructions and supplies.

"Il Bronzetto"

Furnishing chandeliers, wall lamps, and lighting items in brass, copper, and bronze.


fine candles, incense, bath products, and candle accessories.


Shop online for all types of candles. Includes aromatherapy candles, scented candles, and seasonal selections.

"Island Soap and Candle Works"

Natural soaps, lotions, misters, oils and beeswax candles scented with tropical \nfragrances from the Island of Kauai.


Production of candles and home items

"Jamie Clair Candle Company"

Offering aromatic candles in a variety of fragrances.

"JEMS Gifts"

Unique gifts for everyone. We have a variety of candles, candleholders, porcelain flowers, statuary, vases, planters, birdhouses, musical waterglobes, musical carousels, lighted picture frames, nightlights.

"Jennie's Country Candles"

Offering hand poured highly scented candles in a large variety of scents and colors.

"Jewish News of Greater Phoenix"

From Sabbath candle lighting to a singles service, this newspaper chronicles Jewish community events and services for the Phoenix, Ariz., area.

"JRP Candles"

Tealights, votive and ball candles, including accessories.

"Judaic Graphics"

In this clip art collection, animated menorahs light candle by candle, dreidels spin merrily and a plate of latkes sits uneaten. Use the graphics for all sorts of holiday projects.

"Just Candles"

Offers scented candles and lotions.

"Jyh Amin Enterprise Co."

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of X'mas bulbs, lights, light string, candles, bulbs, light sets and garden lamps, welcome to contact us.


Uniquely lighting the world . . . one candle at a time. Welcome to Kalo Candles, home of the CONFETTI candles.

"Kathrine's Candles"

Highly fragranced hand dipped and carved candles as well as jar and gel candles.

"Katie''s Candles"

distributor of handcrafted scented candles.

"Kerry Collection"

sells Church candles: liquid, advent, altar, candelabra, paschal, canister, eternal light and votive, aisle and sconce. Also candle stands and metalware.

"Keystone Candles"

wide variety of candles available in Central Pennsylvania.

"KindCat Candle"

handmade candles.

"klimafot s.a."

Manufacturer of custom-made lighting fixtures, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, and fiber optics.

"Kwanzaa Candles"

An online greeting card.

"Lake Shore Drive Synagogue"

Find out about the regular services, high holiday celebrations, candle-lighting times and social events of this traditional synagogue on Chicago's Near-North Side.

"Lakeview Candle Company"

We make and distribute the finest handmade scented candles in Kent County.

"Lamplight Farms"

Candles, oil lamps, and outdoor natural flame lighting.

"Lantern and Lighting"

0ur self powered lantern and lighting selection includes Freeplay windup lanterns, Emergency Lighting and Candle Lanterns.

"Light of the Hunter's Moon"

Incense, oils, candles,celestialbeaded jewelry, dream pillows,soap, herbs, candles accessories , an eclectic emporium of ancient gifts for a new age.

"Light One Candle Pottery"

Functional stoneware pottery by Chris Schafale. Partnership program to assist nonprofit organizations with fundraising through pottery sales.

"Lighted Forest Candle Comapny"

Our hand made scented aromatherapy candles are crafted with only the purest essential oils and wax.

"Lighthouse Shoppe"

Peruse an online catalog of lighthouse-themed gifts, such as miniatures, pictures, collectibles, candles, lamps and water globes.

"Lighting Outlet"

Selling lighting fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, outdoor lanterns, and more.


Offers residential and commercial lighting fixtures including chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, bath and vanity, energy saving, and outdoor.

"Lindon Spring Farms"

candles and soap.

"Lois' Lites"

We offer quality candles, essential oils, lotions, bath salts and natural soaps in a wide variety of fragrances.

"LorLen Candles"

Offering a variety of candle fragrances, sizes and candle colors. Hand poured and heavily fragranced, clean burning.

"Lost Prairie Candle Company"

Candles, candle making supplies, potpourri, and all natural honey.

"Lux Mundi"

Meeting the needs of the liturgical community for over 15 years.

"Makes Scents Candles"

Your one stop shop for candle making supplies.

"Manhattan Candles"

Candles and accessories, including jars, pillars, tapers, votives, glass oil lamps and incense, coming to you from the \nbig apple.

"Marcy's Pots and Candles"

Featuring hand-painted and hand-poured scented and aromatherapy candles.

"Maverick Presentation Products"

Distributor of presentation products in Europe, from laser pointers to CRT projectors.

"Measure of Light, Candles"

Unique candles poured inside stoneware pottery.They glow through the cutouts when lighted.

"Melanie''s Candles"

offers hand poured, extra scented candles, and handmade votives.

"Michelle's Candles"

Offering a variety of homemade, highly scented candles including votives, jar candles, travel tins and tealights.

"Midhas Ensemble"

aromatic candles decorated with natural dried flowers.

"Mill Bridge Candle Company"

Offering fragrant handmade candles.

"Mom''s Kitchen Candles"

offering a variety of fragrances and styles of handpoured, long burning candles.

"Moon Mama Candles"

Offering a selection of handmade beeswax candles. Also wholesale.

"MoonDaughter's Candle Magick"

Information on candles and what they symbolize. Tips for successful rituals.

"MoonGlow Candle Company"

hand-made, scented candles, candle holders and accessories.

"Morenci Candles"

highly scented jar candles available for wholesale and retail distribution.

"Mountain Essentials - Refreshingly Scented Soap, Lotion, and Candles"

Refreshingly Scented Soap, Lotion, and candles, hand made with all natural oils, extracts, and pure Mount Shasta Spring Water"

"Musical Candles"

Candles play CD quality classic melodies while fiber-optic wick is lit. Eight melodies from which to choose.

"Neo-Image Candlelight Ltd."

Scented candles, citronella oil lamps, candle lamps, glass holders, floating candles, custom filling and more.

"Northern Lights Candles"

fragrances, home decorative, fantasy, and black light sensitive candles.

"Northern Sky Candle Company"

Multi-coloured scented candles handcrafted on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

"Nowell's Inc."

Sells lamp oil and antique lighting fixtures.

"Ocean Candles"

online catalog of candles, accessories and collectibles including sea life candles, Birchshire, Moodlite, iron candleholders, lighthouses and Krystonia.

"Old Vermonter Candle Shop"

sells incense burners and hand poured and wicked scented candles.

"On's Industrial Co Ltd"

Leading decoration lights manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes candle light, night light, fiber optic decoration, christmas lighting, christmas decoration, professional bulbs.

"Osage Candles"

candles of all types and related accessories.

"Our Secret"

manufacturer of aromatherapy, designer and scented candles.

"OWO Lighting"

Online sell of candles and handcrafted items trough a catalog with photos and descriptions

"Paraffinalia Candle Co."

handmade aromatherapy and scented candles.

"Pemaquid Lights Candle Company"

This supply company's keeps a full online catalog, so help yourself to a wide variety of products for your candle-making. There are also complete kits to choose from.

"Pilgrim Candle Factory & Gift Shop"

manufacturing scented candles in many sizes and over forty different fragrances.


QB7 is the manufacturer of the famous Chefsaw and Lightstik. Read about this amazing thin, light saw that can cut through copper pipe, frozen foods, wood and more. This rechargeable electric candle will come in handy for all home and camping emergencies.

"Rocardon Products"

antique finish iron style candle holders.

"Romantic Dreamers Candles"

Offering highly fragrant candles in over 40 flavors. These candles have 2 wicks and burn 150 hours.

"Rooster Candle"

Candle and gift shop specializing in Yankee, Village, Bridgewater and specialty candles.

"Ryh-Row Enterprise Co. Ltd."

Manufacturer of lighting, lamps, candle light, gift.

"Salt City Candle Company"

scented candles and candle holders.

"San Luis Candles"

Hand carved, hand dipped wedding candles for your unity candle lighting, anniversary or other occasions. Can be customized. Each candle becomes a special keepsake. So come look at our large selection of unity candles and see for yourself.


wax chips for use as a home fragrance or a scented candle.


featuring Faroy candles and accessories.

"Searchlights Candle Co."

Hand-made candles in a variety of scents. Containers, votives, floaters, tarts and accessories.


Along with lights, incense and scented candles, Shaazzzam promises a huge selection of posters.

"Shana`s Ear Candles"

Ear candles for ear, nose, and throat problems. Hand made, herbal or plain.

"Signature Fragrances, Inc."

scented candles.

"Something Kind Designs"

hand-crafted candles in a variety of colors and styles.

"Something Special"

selling candles and aromatherapy products.

"Southern Lamp and Supply"

Oil lamp parts, wicks and accessories.

"Southern Scents Candle Company"

scented, hand poured candles.

"Southwest Candles and Gifts"

Southwest style candles such as the Sand Adobe Casa, Outhouse and Mission, as well as scented votives.

"Spring Pond Candles"

Offering a wide variety of hand-crafted and hand-poured candles at the wholesale and retail level.

"SRK Consulting"

This company will help you set up electronic data interchange, or sell you electronic candles for use in theater. Get information on EDI online; order candles too.

"Stax of Wax"

offering heavy scented, hand poured candles.

"Strega Moon"

Handcrafted candles at a reasonable price. Each candle is handpoured and triple scented to assure a candle with long lasting fragance and excellent quality. Light your night with only candles.

"Style Lighting"

Distributor of European lamps, chandeliers, ranges, and candle stick holders.

"Swan Creek Candle Co."

Aromatherapy candles, scented candles, and candle making materials.

"Swan Creek Candle Co."

Aromatherapy candles, scented candles, and candle making materials.

"Swans Candles"

large selection of brand name candles.

"TGSC Candle Fragrances"

Fragrance supplies for candle making. Lots of information.

"The Candle Haus"

A large selection of candles in a wide range of sizes, scents and colors. Also has candle accessories.

"The Candle Light Inn"

A Catonsville Maryland Restaurant offering Lunch, Dinner and a Lite Fare Menu.

"The Candle Maker's Companion"

Candle instruction, candle board, crafts, candle business, candle discussion.

"The Candle Scenter"

A wide variety of scented and unscented candles along with many accessories.

"The Candle Shop"

handcrafted candles by Pam, scented oils, and aromatherapy products.

"The Candle Warehouse"

Offering tapers, votives, wedding sets, craft supplies incense and oils.

"The Local Freak Candle Company"

Quality hand-poured candles from Bakersfield, Ca. at reasonable prices.

"The Original Light Cicles"

Offers lightcicles, lace lights, electric candles, and other outdoor decorations.

"Three Candles"

Poetry journal featuring works by new and established poets.

"Tiffany's Handpoured Candles"

Handpoured candles including scented, aromatherapy, votive, pillar and jar candles. Gourmet candles at homemade \nprices.

"Twistavants Scented Candles"

Premium candle manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

"Uncle Debi's Bordered Backgrounds for Jewish Holidays"

You'll discover 10 different backgrounds here with motifs that include a dreidel, a menorah, the lighting of the candle and others.

"Uncle Sticks Scented Candles"

Maker of highly scented hand poured container candles in creamy colors.

"Uniquely Canada's candle collection"

Uniquely Canada's online gift catalog includes a variety of candles and lamps to light up the home. Great for house warmings, corporate events and the holidays.Enhance the mood at dinner parties, family get-togethers and romantic celebrations!

"Unity Fragrance & Candles"

Candle supplies direct from the manufacturer. Secure online shopping.

"Urns and Lamps"

Offers cremation urns, oil lamps, and hourglass clocks.

"Valley Candle Works"

Interior decorated candles. Handcrafted from start to finish. Custom and wholesale orders welcome.

"Vermont Candle Company"

offering gift baskets of scented candles.

"Village Candle"

fragrant jar candles hand-made in Maine.


fragrant candle product offerings for retailers and wholesalers.

"Wax Wizard Candles"

Hand-sculpted candles for all occasions including photo embedded, pet, beach scenes and hurricanes.

"Western Light Candles"

Offers a large selection of western style candles.

"Wicked Expressions"

specialize in wedding candles and party favors.

"Wicks End"

offers candles and candle holders from around the world.


handcrafted wildlife candles.

"Will & Baumer, Inc"

quality candles and beeswax products.

"Witch/Pagan Resources"

Detailed explanation of candle magick preparation and the uses in ritual.

"World Class Lighting"

Manufacturers of custom made crystal chandeliers and residential lighting of any style any size.

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